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Bike routes with map

1. Lødingen - Øksneshamn 58 km - Raftsundet
There is a 11 % rise up from Lødingen to Kåringen over 6 km. Otherwise, this trip is less hilly. From Kanstad bottom and the whole Lødingen Vestbygd - the trip along the seafront overlooking one of the most beautiful archipelagos we have in Northern Norway - 'Svellingan'. Purple route on the map.

2. Sortland - Hanøy 54,3 km
Easy hilly terrain. Looking for a hiking trip, we recommend going up to Møysalen from Hennes. Green route on the map.

3. Melbu - Frøskeland 76 km
Easy hilly terrain and beautiful views. The outer side of Hadseløya is a gem, with the bathing stop on the sandy beach on Taen. Turquoise route on the map.

4. Sortland - Bø (Hovden) 65,6 km
Bø has a wonderful dramatic mountain scene, and panoramic views of the ocean. It comprises small communities, pleasant sandy beaches and a lot to see. Bø Tunnel (1612m) is illuminated. Orange route on the map.

5. Sortland - Stø 56 km
A bit hilly over the Frøskeland mountain - otherwise less hilly. You MUST see Nyksund. Between Stø and Nyksund there is a marked trail called 'Dronningruta' or 'the Queens Route'.Pink route on the map.

6. Sortland - Andøy 120 km
The outer seaside of Andøy is one of the most beautiful Vesterålen areas. The experiences are numerous. Largely hilly terrain. Upcoming National Tourist. White route on the map.

7. NATIONAL ROUTE 1. Melbu - Andenes 143,3 km
National cycle route No. 1, follows the Norwegian coast from Svinesund to the North Cape. It is the part of the Atlantic Coast route which runs from SargeS in Portugal to The North Cape. Total length of the route is 8,186 km and is estimated to take about 100 days. In Vesterålen, the route goes from Melbu to Andenes in stunning scenery. Black route on the map.

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